Calling all pregnant mamas
who want a natural childbirth!
The ULTIMATE labor cheatsheet for natural-minded mamas
Take the guesswork out of childbirth with this
natural birth toolkit

You know you're doing everything right... 

  • You took a childbirth class
  • You're doing prenatal workouts
  • You've been practicing relaxation techniques
  • And drinking pregnancy tea

But you also wonder what childbirth will really be like and whether you've learned enough to do it all naturally...

Maybe you're not sure what position to be in during labor.

Or how to push efficiently so you don't tear your vagina. 

What about preparing your labor partner to support you so you don't get the urge to send them out of the room mid-labor?

Are you worried about forgetting all of your labor knowledge... during labor?

Worried about not having easy access to the answers of your burning labor questions....during labor?!

You just need a handy labor guide you can take along with you to simplify each stage of labor and what to do.

Announcing  The Natural Labor Playbook!

With this handy guide, you'll have all the info you need at your fingertips, including what to do at each stage to have your best natural birth experience.

Read it, print it, and throw it into your hospital bag.

Here's exactly what's inside:

Over 30 pages of practical information that you can quickly refer to on your phone, tablet, or a printout.

Preparation is Key: Tips on preparing mentally, physically, and emotionally for the big day. 

Understanding the Stages of Labor: Detailed insights into each stage of labor and what to expect. 

Understanding Labor Hormones: Your labor hormones, explained. Plus, how to leverage them for a better birth experience. 

Breathing Techniques: Simple and effective breathing exercises to help you stay relaxed and focused during labor. 

Pain Management: Natural pain relief options, from essential oils to massage techniques and everything in between. 

Positioning for Success: The best positions for labor and delivery to facilitate a smoother birth. 

Your Partner’s Role: Guidance on how your hubby or partner can support you during labor.

Know everything you need to know to get you through your natural birth with confidence

I know what it's like to want a natural childbirth and try to prepare as best you can. It can definitely be overwhelming. You're not alone, mama! 

That's why I created The Natural Labor Playbook - your handy guide to a positive childbirth experience the way nature intended!

I created it because I want to help moms like you to be more EMPOWERED in the birth room by having access to evidence-based information that will help you get more familiar and comfortable with the process of labor. In the world of birth, KNOWLEDGE IS POWER. 

Hi! I'm Yasmine! I'm a mom of two and the founder of The Gentle Nursery blog, The Non-Toxic Mommy podcast, and the prenatal supplement brand Biomeology. My goal is to support you along your motherhood journey.

And the reviews speak for themselves... 

"This is the perfect tool to help you know what to do and remember as labor approaches and even during labor, especially if you don't have a doula or midwife present." -Leslie

"Even as an experienced mom who has had four unmedicated births supervised by midwives, I found myself thinking how handy this guide is." -Marie

"Get one for yourself or to slip into a baby shower gift!" -Gina

"It's a wonderful, easy-to-use resource for every expectant parent." -Alexis

"With step-by-step guides and helpful tips, this booklet is packed with info! Talking about not only the physical but emotional aspects of labor and birth is so important." -Sarah 


The Natural Labor Playbook

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