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Ready to toss the toxins from your home with a simple step-by-step process?
Detox your life with my proven Non-Toxic Mom Method

…even if you have no clue how to get started
Detoxing your home has been on your to-do list forever, but you find it overwhelming anytime you try to get started.


You've tried to make simple swaps and clear the toxins from your life, but every time you're met with: 

  • Conflicting information and not enough time in the day to research everything
  • Resistance from your partner or your kids
  • Total overwhelm because of the massive size of this project! How could you possibly switch everything out?


If you're feeling overwhelmed when learning about toxins, it's not your fault.

First, you don't have enough hours in the day to endlessly research every single thing. 

And there's so much conflicting advice out there that it's hard to know what to believe — or who to listen to. 

And many companies don't disclose information or make it easy for you to know what's in their products. 


Transitioning your family to non-toxic products can be challenging if you don't have a solid roadmap

For example, have you gotten some of this advice before?

You should start with your diet or pantry first (when was starting a new diet ever easy?!) 

You should throw everything out and start over from scratch (this is extreme and overwhelming!) 

Just spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on "healthy swaps" (throwing money at the problem isn't the plan!) 

The world is a toxic place and you should panic and worry about every product you buy for yourself and your family (not necessary at all!)

Or maybe you thought you were doing OK with some non-toxic swaps, only to learn that a product you bought and trusted was actually "toxic."

You did some product research, and the company said it was "all-natural" or claims it's "non-toxic"... 


Someone on TikTok said it was safe, so you trusted her advice, but then a mom on Facebook said it's actually really toxic. 


Now you have NO idea what to believe.


You have to start all over again, or worse, you feel defeated because you don't know who to trust or listen to. That's stressful! 


It doesn't have to be this way — believe me!


Stressing about toxins is toxic.
So let me tell you my biggest sanity-saving secret... 

After 10+ years of non-toxic living and working with thousands of mamas along their clean living journey, I have learned a thing or two about finding balance with non-toxic living. 
And I'm going to share all the little tips and tricks you need to know to make smart decisions for yourself and your family — without losing your mind in the process. 
While it's true that there are toxins in everyday household products and in the environment that we should worry about, the truth is that we shouldn't aim for perfection or 100% avoidance of toxins. 
Instead, we're looking to make SMART swaps and establish healthy habits that empower you and simplify your healthy lifestyle.
Limiting toxins in your home just got a whole lot easier!

So, let me ask you this... 

Would you like to make smarter choices for your family without turning your life upside down? 


If you’re saying YES, then get ready to follow my simple home and life detox method that helps you keep balance in your life and home. 


Because who has time to spend 24/7 thinking about toxins?


There are also some amazing benefits to making these changes using my simple Non-Toxic Mom method.

No more stressing about toxins. 

You'll clear your home and life of toxic products and chemicals. And you'll be equipped with useful information about chemicals of concern to know how to make these choices for yourself in the future.

 Establish healthy habits for the entire family.

You’ll establish simple, healthy habits for yourself and your family that help get the entire family involved. This is one of the most valuable aspects of this program because it allows you to maintain the changes you've made — with minimal effort. 

 Shop with confidence, knowing what's actually non-toxic. 

You'll be savvy and will shop with greater confidence as you learn which products to buy, which ones to get rid of, and which ones you don't even need. I'll also dish on which products you can buy secondhand. 

Read labels and research products for yourself. 

Learn my signature method for reading labels and researching products. Combined with a deeper understanding of chemicals of concern, you'll know how to shop for your family — for life! 

And do it all without sacrificing your sanity. 

I don't believe in using fear to motivate you to make product swaps. There's enough of that out there on the internet. I'll share all of my sanity-saving tips and advice to help you along this journey — so you can ditch the fear tactics and worry


Let me tell you how I went from totally clueless to a non-toxic mom with a plan.

Hey, I'm Yasmine!

Today, you might know me as a mom and non-toxic living expert who owns a supplement brand, cooks meals from scratch, and can read an ingredient label in seconds. 


I love to nourish my family and live well while maintaining a healthy, non-toxic lifestyle. And I do it all without over-stressing about toxins and worrying about every little thing. 


Because I've perfected my own system. 


But before I became a mom, I was addicted to Starbucks and Taco Bell. Literally, my diet consisted of junk food, chips, and pasta. I could eat bread and cheese for every meal of the day because I didn't care about what I put in my body. 

I also used a ton of beauty products and loved Bath & Body Works and wearing fancy perfumes. My makeup was always done and my nails were always polished. My antibiotic prescriptions were always filled, and I used alll the toxic hair products. I thought that if a product was on the store shelves, it was safe for me.

I didn't know any better, though. 

Like most people. I took my health for granted because I could. I was young and didn’t need to think about it… until my husband and I decided we wanted to start a family. The moment I realized my choices and my health would affect my baby — well, that was a major shifting point for me. 


I suddenly became aware of all the chemicals in my environment and in the (terrible) foods I was eating. It was no longer just about me. 


So I did the hard work. I overhauled my diet and changed my lifestyle. Once I got pregnant, I learned everything I could about healthy eating and non-toxic living. 

Because my baby was depending on me. 


Over the years, I spent hours and hours researching everything I could get my hands on to learn what was safe for my baby. I went from totally clueless to a non-toxic living expert with 10+ years of experience. And I’ve helped millions of mamas on their journey through motherhood and non-toxic living. 

And now I’m here to share everything I know with you too.

Non-Toxic Mom

The Simple and Sane Method for Tossing the Toxins in Your Home and Family Life

I created this program to help you learn everything you need to know and make simple changes… without overhauling your entire life or becoming a toxin-crazed sleep-deprived mama. 
I want to give you the tools and information you need to make important changes in your life and your home — to help you and your family live a better life. Because by helping you, I know I’m impacting the lives of your sweet little ones. 

And that means the world to me.
Not having to worry about toxins in your home sounds like every mama's dream, but you're worried this might not work out for you.
You might be asking yourself questions like...

Can I even afford to go non-toxic? 

I'm already so busy — how will I have time for this?  
What if my family isn't on board?  
How will I learn all that I need to know?  
It's so overwhelming to make these changes. Where would I even start?


 If you don't have the right information and a roadmap for making healthy changes, it can be easy to get stuck or make expensive mistakes.
That's why I created my easy-to-follow program: Non-Toxic Mom
Here's exactly what's inside:
MODULE 1: My Signature 3-Step Non-Toxic Mom Method 
Learn my signature, 3-step method for evaluating products and reducing your family's toxic load. These three pillars will serve as the foundation for everything we do in this program! 
MODULE 2: Introduction to Toxins and Reading Labels
This module introduces you to chemicals and substances of concern. You'll get a detailed overview and learn what you need to know — without being overwhelmed. You'll learn my process for reading labels for harmful ingredients and researching products/contacting companies. This section opens your eyes to what's in your home and your environment. 
MODULE 3: Household Products
Here, we dive into household products and what to look out for. We'll go through the major chemicals of concern, as well as ways to detox your laundry, cleaning products, air and water quality, and more. 
MODULE 4: Personal Care Products
This section covers everything from beauty products and toiletries to oral hygiene and your all-natural medicine cabinet. You'll know which chemicals to look out for, which brands are safe, and what you can do to reduce your family's toxic load from using personal care products. 
MODULE 5: Kitchen and Food
In this important section, we cover detoxing your kitchen and swapping to non-toxic cookware, food storage, and more. But we also go through what you need to know to make healthier food and pantry choices. 
MODULE 6: Household Furniture and Bedrooms
Furniture and mattresses are a large source of toxin exposure in the home, and in this section, we cover how to navigate all of this. Also includes information on household paint, flooring, and creating a safe and healthy sleep space in the bedrooms in your home. 
MODULE 7: Non-Toxic Kids
In this section, you truly earn the title of "Non-Toxic Mom" because we cover important tips and information you need to know to raise healthier kids. We'll talk about how to create a healthy home for a child, how to instill a non-toxic mindset in your children, and how to navigate external toxin exposure from places like school, restaurants, and more. 
MODULE 8: Establishing Healthy Habits for Life
After learning about toxins and doing a clean sweep of your home and life, this section helps you maintain the important changes you've just implemented. You'll develop and establish healthy habits for yourself and your family that will help you balance your toxin exposure while making healthier choices. (Psst: This one's my favorite!)
Plus, check out these free bonuses:



Yes, you CAN go non-toxic on a budget, and this detailed guide shows you exactly how! Not to mention — this program also saves you from making costly mistakes.



It can be difficult to make lifestyle changes if your family or significant other isn't exactly on board. This bonus covers best practices for getting your partner or family on board without compromising these important relationships.



We'll share a lot of useful information with you, but it's only as useful as how quickly and easily you can implement these important changes. This guide is your fast-track roadmap for making healthy changes in your home and life.



Many companies are trying to capitalize on the "non-toxic" trend, while others are actually walking the walk and talking the talk. This guide helps you avoid some of the biggest greenwashing offenders!

The end result?

You’re sitting pretty in your home, breathing cleaner air, and feeling confident that you’ve tossed the biggest offenders and made important product swaps for yourself and your family — so that you can stop worrying about toxins and all the potential “what ifs”. 


You have the knowledge and resources you need to maintain these healthy changes. And the freedom to let some things go. (And the wisdom to know the difference!) 


You can spend your time enjoying your life instead of stressing about toxins and what products to use in your home.

Here are just a few aha moments you'll experience...

  • You'll learn my 3-step method for clearing toxins from your home and life — forever. 
  • I'll tell you the first 5 things you can stop doing NOW to immediately reduce your toxic load.
  • And I'll share the 3 most important things to start doing right NOW to reduce the toxins in your home. 
  • I'll show you how to read labels and research products.
  • You'll uncover the #1 mistake you can make when it comes to living a healthy, non-toxic lifestyle. 
  • And I share my top secret for finding balance and enjoying your life... while leading a non-toxic lifestyle.

What makes what I teach so effective?

There are a lot of opinions on non-toxic living.

And new "experts" springing up on Instagram every day. Some are good and know their stuff — while others might come across as experts but still have a lot to learn. 


Here's what makes me different: I teach a simple and effective method to achieve your non-toxic living goals... while maintaining balance in your life.

Mom to mom: my program is from my own home to yours. I help you get results, but my style isn't extreme. 

Don't worry: I won't ask you to churn your own butter or sew your own sustainable clothing. And most important of all, I never use fear tactics to motivate you to make changes. 

My style is actually pretty chill. You see, I'm a very bottom-line person, and I want to help you reach your goals as quickly as possible — with minimal disruption to your life. 


I want it to be easy for you.

And it can be because I've perfected the Non-Toxic Mom method


My simple method takes you through the information you need to know + the steps you need to take + how to maintain the changes in your life. Everything I teach is practical and based on real-life experiences I've had with detoxing my own life and helping thousands of other moms on their non-toxic journey. 


NOTE: If you think you might prefer fear-based learning or a detailed science lesson, I'm not the expert for you. But if you're a busy mama looking for simple and effective strategies, welcome! This is for you!


Have a Question Before Joining?

  • I'm brand new to non-toxic living. Is this program for me?
    Yes! This program is for you if you want to reduce your family's toxic load — without stressing about it. It'll work for you if you're brand new to non-toxic living or even if you've had some experience (or a lot!).
  • I've been at this non-toxic thing for a while. Will I still benefit from this course?
    Yes. You'll get access to my simple framework for identifying toxins and making healthy product choices. It can help you build on what you might already know and give you practical tips and advice for how to implement and maintain these changes in your home and personal life.
  • Can I take this course even if I'm not a mom?
    Yes! While this course is designed for moms at all stages of motherhood, you don't need to be a mom to learn and benefit from this program. Only one module is specific to raising families, and the rest are universally applicable to everyone.
  • This program is a little expensive for me.
    This program aims to reduce your family's toxic load, and there are many benefits to doing so. Look at it this way: you could spend another $100-200 on a Target or Costco run and bring the same unvetted products into your home.

    OR you could make a moderate investment in the health of your home and your family's lifestyle. By doing so, you can save on products you don't need and expensive greenwashed products. Plus, you'll feel so much lighter and stress-free once you've completed the program — and that's worth the cost alone.

    Additionally, by joining now, you get our Early Action discount. The pricing will increase.
  • When will I get access?
    You'll get immediate access to the course portal and content will be released weekly once the course launches in January 2024.
  • What if I still have questions?
    If you still have questions about this program, please email us at


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